Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes (Hardback Recipe Book)

Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes

Love chocolate but wished it was healthy? Then check out my hard back, full colour recipe book - Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes. 96 pages of raw chocolate goodness :) Let me show you step by step how you can create the most epic raw chocolate recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen!
"Raw chocolate is a delicious superfood with proven health benefits and a fast-growing following of devotees. Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes is an informative and inspirational recipe book that explains and outlines this exciting phenomenon. Recipes and nutrition tips will empower readers to create healthy, quick-and-easy raw chocolate inventions in the comfort of their own kitchen." - Review
So what's in the book?
  • 96 page, hardback recipe book
  • Large, full colour recipes throughout
  • Raw chocolate history and health benefits
  • A guide to ingredients
  • Making the most of raw chocolate
  • Raw chocolate equipment
  • Basic recipes
  • Drinks
  • Sweets
  • Biscuits & cakes
  • Desserts
  • Party food

About the Author

Jessica is the owner of Rawgaia, as well as inventing superfood skincare, she also invents superfood recipes!

Jessica has 19 years experience of raw, vegan, superfood diets for adults and children. Jessica is a published natural health journalist, a nutrition consultant and Britain's Best Dish contestant. Not to mention the mother of two naturally parented children.

Jessica recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through a raw food diet and ran the London Marathon in 4 hours 15 mins soon after her recovery to celebrate!

Jessica lives in Brighton with her two children and is passionate about promoting a conscious, vegan lifestyle.


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