Our Ethical Policy


We operate as ethically, honestly and sustainably as we possibly can, this ethos runs through the entire Jessica Laura Organics company.
  • We source Organic or Wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible
  • We (and our suppliers) never engage in animal testing
  • Suppliers must provide us with their freshest ingredients available
  • We favour locally produced ingredients where possible
  • We never use GMO ingredients as not enough is know about it
  • If we use packaging chips in your order, these are 100% biodegradable and can be added to your compost heap, or these have been recycled from previous packaging
  • Glass bottles and jars used are recyclable
  • We strive to be a carbon neutral company
  • We try and leave as little carbon footprint as we possibly can.
  • We are always trying to think of better ways to help the environment when running the company