What the Rawgaia tribe say....

If you have a Rawgaia Superfood Skincare success story, that you would like to share with our conscious, superfood skincare community, please tell us here.

Before using the Organic Hemp Glow Balm my skin tone was always grey looking, and it looked dry, as if something was missing. I also had many acne scars. With the Organic Hemp Glow Balm  everything has changed for the better and pretty quickly. My skin looks now healthy and glowing, and walking make up free is never an issue anymore!

- Isabely Imbriani

"I use the Organic Hemp Glow Mist before every make up I do to freshen the skin and then during the day as needed to refresh my actors. It's always on hand in my set bag."

- Rosie Octon, Celebrity Make Up Artist. Uses Rawgaia regularly on sets such as The Crystal Maze and period drama;Traitors. 



"Best skincare brand about to use I'd say is Rawgaia Superfood Skincare. It's what I always turn to."

- Vincent Azzopardi, Vegan Bodybuilder and Model

"I have recently moved to Brighton and I came across Rawgaia in my local health shop. I am always up for trying new natural products and I have to say they are INCREDIBLE. And made locally which always makes me sooo happy. :) Huge WELL DONE to you. You’ve created something amazing."

- Diana

"I absolutely love Rawgaia skincare! Its completely natural and guilt-free. I have used many products and each one of them is effective in their own way. My favorite ones are MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum, the MSM Organic Beauty Cream and the Activated Charcoal Pore Cleansing Soap. I use them almost every day and they are the reason as to why I have such clear, glowy and healthy skin with no acne despite being a teenager. I highly recommend Rawgaia to anyone who wants to upgrade their skincare routine to something 100% natural and nourishing!"

- Spring (17yrs young)


"I think I look 20-25% more handsome (hard to believe I know!) since trying out these Rawgaia moisturisers"

- Paul Kerton, Hench Herbivore


"WE LOVE RAWGAIA SKIN CARE Sending Rawgaia all our love at 51yrs and 12yrs. We have been repeat customers for 2 years ordering from the United States. Our family simply can't be without RAWGAIA!

I believe so much in these products that my daughter makes this her daily regime too. Her skin has an advantage I didn’t know about when I was her age. By cleaning our face and moisturizing daily with all natural and nourishing ingredients, we feel the difference and see the GLOW. If it works wonders at my age, I am excited that my daughter’s skin has a great start with an all-natural safe skin care line. Our family's skin is rewarded daily thanks to Rawgaia. 

Thank you Jessica for Rawgaia. Sending an abundance of love and light."

- Rebeca & Ella

"As an ethical writer I get to review a lot of cruelty- free skincare. Rawgaia has to be the most honest skincare range I’ve used. It’s not only Raw, organic, Vegan, but also cruelty-free meaning the products are in no way tested on animals. Rawgaia is super ethical & conscious therefore good for our planet too. Rawgaia is a little gem & I highly recommend these pure products".
- Victoria Featherstone Pearce, British Model and founder of K9 Angels

"I love Rawgaia products – all natural, organic and vegan ingredients and love the recycled glass bottles too. The Certified Organic Goji Goddess Nutrient Mist is amazing. Just a lovely refresh whenever during the day and the MSM Organic Beauty Cream is wonderful to wear in the night.

The MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum works well and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Looking forward to trying more of the range too."

- Karin Ridges, Veggie Vision TV 
"I've been using Rawgaia Goji Goddess Brightening Eye Serum for a few weeks now, not just around my eyes but all my face.  I'm absolutely loving the results. My skin is brighter,  smoother and definitely getting my glow on​.​ Highly recommended​!​"
- Lindsay


"Rawgaia, your products are the most beautiful, lovingly made and effective things I've ever used. I LOVE having you in my store! My clients are in love too."

- Sabina

"Oh my goodness!!! I've been using the Certified COSMOS Organic Hemp Glow Serum and Certified COSMOS Organic Hemp Glow Balm for the last two months now and honestly can not believe the difference it's made.... My skin feels smooth, soft, and is looking so much clearer, really, really over the moon. I never usually post reviews but I've been telling everyone about these products! Just need to work out what else to try from Rawgaia next?"

- Rita (57 years young)


"I love using the Rawgaia products, especially the Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess products. They make my skin so soft and smooth and have a brightening effect on my skin. Beautiful and all organic and vegan."

-Emma (46 years young)



"Many Thanks for the shipment of your beautiful face creams and for the Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Brightening Eye Oil. It's lovely.My skin is loving my new ritual :)))"

- Rebecca

"I used Rawgaia products throughout my pregnancy and loved feeling nourished. It's wonderful knowing that what I use on my skin and delicate newborn is totally natural and reliably cruelty free. Jessica has a huge depth of knowledge about what goes into the products she creates and I couldn't recommend Rawgaia more!"

- Mia (30 years young)

"I have been using Jessica's Certified COSMOS Organic Hemp Glow Balm for about 3 years now, it's amazing! It just seems to sink into my skin and keeps it looking smooth and young, and I'm no spring chicken. I'm very fussy about organic products. I'm into sports and health and this is a natural super product that I would recommend."

- Frank (57 yrs young) 

"I had years of struggling with eczema related dry skin but have now found he perfect products! After using Rawgaia's MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum and MSM Organic Beauty Cream as part of my daily facial regime, my skin feels much fresher, smoother and no dry patches!"

- Marylou 

"Today I was stopped in the street by a totally unknown person. I am not so young I told her... She said I guess you're about 39-43 years of age, not having wrinkles. Yeah genes mean a lot but your products must have some influence. So thanks a lot Rawgaia!"

- Kirstin (63 years young)

"I have had problems with my skin for so long time, and nothing helped - in fact, they made it much worse. My skin became more red, sensitive and extremely dry and began to peel. Few days ago I’ve started to use your products (Certified COSMOS Organic Hemp Glow Cleanser, MSM Beauty Tonic and Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm). It has made a huge difference to my delicate and sensitive skin. I love it! However, my skin is still very dry, so therefore I ordered the MSM Beauty Polish DIY Kit and MSM Organic Beauty Cream."

- Arta 

"I've been using your products (and got my partner and various friends to start) for many years now :-) I love your work and if you ever stop making them and I finally age I'll be distraught haha.  I swear it's your products that makes my skin stay line free totally still at 30. " 

 - Domonik

"On first opening the Rawgaia MSM Organic Beauty Cream I was really surprised by the texture - very solid (which initially worried me), and the lovely smell.  Since the cream is supposed to have healing properties I decided to give it a real test - due to lots of hand washing while preparing for guests I had two patches on my hands which were flaking and badly chapped (one was bleeding). I rubbed my finger over the cream and found it melted beautifully and then spread very easily on my skin, it immediately seemed to sooth and very definitely moisturised!  After a couple of days of using it on my hand patches they were healed.  I was very impressed.  When I used the cream on my face I couldn't believe how soft my skin was the next morning. Once I got used to the texture it was so easy to spread a very small amount over a large area - I found that after a minute or two of heating on my face it just glided on.  I initially found the smell of the cream, although gorgeous, a little strong, but it soon reduces so that is not a problem.  It's also amazing how little you need to use at a time."

- Hazel 

"I am impressed and grateful for the many uses of the Raw Shea Butter. Initially I had bought it as a beauty aid: to firm breast tissue after breast-feeding. Now this miraculous butter has been used in my home to alleviate skin rashes and dry skin; to soothe insect bites or sunburn; to stave off premature wrinkles and most importantly to heal chicken pox scars! My daughter had a distressing experience when she came down with this virus: the pox became infected and she was left with deep pit scars. I was devastated. After some research, I applied Rawgaia’s Shea Butter two to three times a day on her damaged skin and after two months all of the pit scars on her body have now filled up and healed. Just two more to completely fade on her face. Thank you Rawgaia for helping me heal my beautiful daughter’s skin.”

- Daniela

"It's a fantastic product and my skin feels so hydrated and fresh..."

- Louise