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Introducing our brand new for December Organic Lip Balms presented in either cute pink or shiny silver, eco screw top tins! 

Treat your lips (...or a loved one) to something special this Christmas, with our soft, silky, smooth, decadent organic lip balm - launched just in time for the festive fun.

Pure, simple and effective

Our Organic Lip Balms are made with premium quality aromatic, pure vanilla beans. Our vibrant beans are lovingly blended by hand with unrefined rich mango butter, heavenly shea butter, castor oil and vitamin e. Making the most stunning and simple, 100% natural, wax-free, unrefined (raw) lip balm.

We don't heat treat our natural ingredients because we like our skincare to be raw.

Raw = More nutrients for your gorgeous Rawgaia-glowing skin, as the nutrients are not accidentally destroyed through the heat treating process.

We don't do cheap and (un)cheerful

We like hand making simple, effective skincare that your skin loves. We don't add cheap, nasty fillers such as wax and water to our best selling balms. We would certainly make a lot more money if we did, but we strongly put our people before our profits. Instead, we enjoy creating magical plant potions, which burst full of enzymes and antioxidants to help your skin glow and remain youthful at every age. 

We are wax-free warriors! 

You will not find emulsifying wax in any of our superfood skincare goodies. When a manufacturer adds a wax (even a high quality plant wax) it does at least four negative things to you:

ONE - It creates a barrier between the other plant based ingredients that the brand has added to the product, and your skin. Meaning that the nutrients from the ingredients can't actually penetrate into your skin very deeply because they are being stopped by the barrier of wax. 

TWO - When manufactures add wax they also have to melt it over high heat temperatures (which go on to ruin a lot of the water soluble vitamins within the rest of the ingredients).

THREE - Manufacturers have to also add a lot of "aqua" (water, in other words) to your product to make the wax emulsify. Which means well over half of your jar is filled with nothing more than water! What a waste of money.

FOUR - Wax dries out most skin types, meaning that you have to add a lot more product to your skin to help it feel hydrated. Therefore using up more unnecessary resources and spending more money. This is where the false economy kicks in and we realise that investing in something higher quality can actually be more cost effective in the long run.  

Now, back to all things Santa

We can't wait for you to try out our brand new Organic Lip Balm this Christmas, and with our special price offer of 3 x Organic Lip Balms (in either pink or silver, for only £15 (saves over 15%) you can also enjoy giving the welcomed gift of soft, kissable lips this Christmas too. As our Organic Lips Balms make absolutely adorable stocking fillers for your friends and family.



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