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Spring has well and truly sprung and here at Rawgaia, we are loving the change in seasons. But whilst the sun may be shining and the birds singing, perhaps your skin hasn't quite caught up with the change...

After a long, cold winter, a lot of us are prone to suffering from dry, dull skin. But never fear! I'm here today to help you achieve stunning skin this spring!

All it takes is five easy steps, performed regularly, and before you know it your skin will be healthy, glowing and every bit as stunning as the abundant spring flowers all around us.

Twice a day you need to take just five minutes to cleanse, tone and moisturise and then once or twice a week we can add in the extra deep cleaning steps of exfoliating and using a face pack.

The first step in your Glowing Spring Skin routine is cleansing. Using a cleanser is essential in giving your skin a thorough clean both morning and night.

It helps to remove dead skin cells, make-up, dirt, oil and other pollutants from our skin, leaving our pores open and able to breath.

It also prepares our pores for any other products that we might be about to use, making sure that they are able to be absorbed fully into our skin.

Now your skin has had it's daily deep clean, it's time to tone! A lot of people skip using a toner, thinking it's just another cleaning product that they don't need.

But this isn't the case. Using a toner is really important as it helps to restore the natural pH of your skin. 

Once the pH is out of sync, our skin works extra hard to restore the balance which can result in excess sebum. However, using a toner helps your skin restore it's natural pH quickly and without the greasy consequences!

It also helps to shrink our pores, thereby tightening the cell gaps which makes it harder for pollutants to enter our skin so adds an extra layer of protection to our skin. Truly not a step to skip!

Finally, it's time to moisturise. This final step requires little explanation, our skin needs moisture to thrive but loses it easily through harsh weather and environmental pollutants.

Using a moisturiser helps to rehydrate dry, dull skin by penetrating our skin at the deepest levels. It also helps to prevent acne, reduces the signs of ageing and gives our skin an additional layer of protection against irritants that aggravate it.

Now you’ve got your daily routine down, don’t forget to add in the extra steps of exfoliating and using a face pack once or twice a week for an extra level of skin love.

By using an exfoliator product, such as our MSM Beauty Polish D.I.Y Kit, you are removing dead skin cells that may have built up on your skin.

As well as leaving your skin with a dull appearance, an excess build up of old skin cells can block your pores, making it hard for your skin to breath. Blocked pores can also lead to excess oil in your skin which can cause acne and other skin blemishes.

Once you’ve done this, a face pack is a great way to remedy any specific skin conditions you are prone to whether it be with a detoxing pack for those with congested skin suffering with excess sebum oil, such as our Green Clay Face Pack. Or a clay based pack for those with skin that needs evening out, such as our D.I.Y Moroccan Lava Face Pack

Face packs also help our skin stay firm, improves the flow of oxygen, reduces the signs of ageing and is a relaxing way to spend a bit of time making your skin feel soft, smooth and fresh.

So there you have it, Glowing Spring Skin is within your grasp!

By simply carving out ten minutes of time to spend nurturing your skin each day with these simple steps, your skin can be healthy, hydrated, nourished and simply gorgeous this spring.



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