Should you make your skincare regime seasonal?

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Jessica Michael | 0 comments


Now that the seasons are about to change, the products that you use as part of your organic skincare regime may need to be changed too. Not always but sometimes, people find it a helpful thing to do. 

For example if you usually use our Organic Skin Divinity Cleanser in the summer months, then switching to our Organic MSM Beauty Cleanser in the cooler months when you might be in a drying centrally heated environment more frequently may better meet your skins needs. 

We want to give you the chance to try different products in our range for you to see what you think will work best for your skin this autumn. So we are giving you a massive 25% OFF all 10ml Trial Sizes, for a limited time only.

25% OFF promotion includes:

10ml Organic Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray - Now only £4.49

10ml Organic Floral Rejuvenating Toner - Now only £4.11 

10ml Organic Hemp Heaven Glow Spray - Now only £5.24

10ml Organic MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion - Now only £5.99

10ml Organic MSM Beauty Spray - Now only £5.24

10ml Organic MSM Beauty Toner - Now only £5.24 

The 25% discount has already been applied to all 10ml Trial Sized products, saving you the hassle of having to add a discount code to your shopping cart.

We hope you enjoy your home spa pampering experience  ;)



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