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It is with much excitement that I can announce our Hemp Superfood Soap! So this week I thought we'd give you a little sneak peak into how our raw, organic, vegan, cruelty-free Hemp Superfood Soap is manufactured ahead of it hitting our shelves.

Here at Raw Gaia we believe in the principle of minimal processing and we have maintained that ethos as we chose to invest in a soap that it is cold-pressed and cold processed in order to retain as many nutrients from our organic ingredients as possible.

Choosing to use the cold processed method of soap making rather than hot processing or melt and pour has the main advantage of giving complete control over the quality of ingredients used.

We believe strongly in only using high quality, ethical, organic (where possible) ingredients so this was an important factor for us. It also retains more of the beneficial properties in the ingredients being used as there is no degradation from heat. We believe that the end result is worth the 4-6 week curing time needed in this method of soap making.

To make cold pressed soap, fixed oils (we use a combination of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cold pressed sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil and organic cold pressed hemp seed oil) are mixed with an alkali (most commonly lye) which results in a chemical process called saponification, whereby the composition of the oils change to create a bar of soap. Then you simply add any extra ingredients you wish, in our case a selection of superfoods including raw cocoa butter, spirulina, wheatgrass, raw shea butter and juniper berries, and leave it to cure.

It isn't a particularly complex process but does require patience and care, especially when using the lye. But sometimes simplicity is the key and that certainly seems to be the key here. After a few hours of initial processing, the soap is simply left to cure on racks for a month or so until all the water has evaporated and your soap is ready to use.

And the end result? A bar of superfood soap that is absolutely jam packed with natural superfood ingredients, specifically manufactured to be kind on your skin and deliver as much goodness from the carefully chosen superfoods as possible.

So why not rid your bathroom of any chemical filled liquid soaps and embrace a back to basics hard soap that will leave your skin feeling really nourished.

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