Does your skin really care if you use organic products?

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So following on from my recent video on this subject...

Although the organic movement started over 100 years ago in the early twentieth century, in the last decade, demand for organic products has grown rapidly and 'today, organic products occupy prime shelf space in the big chain supermarkets.' (1) However, although it is widely recognised that eating organic produce is definitely the healthier and more beneficial choice when it comes to food, it is still relatively early days when it comes to organic beauty and skincare products. Are organic products significantly better for your skin than the chemical filled alternatives? Would you notice the difference if you made the switch?

We firmly believe that the answer is yes (and more and more people agree), that organic skincare products are definitely kinder to your skin and more effective at their job. Over at Organic Authority they explain that 'many non-organic beauty products on the market today include an astonishing amount of scary chemicals. From parabens (chemicals linked to cancer) to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes, an ordinary lotion can contain quite the toxic mixture.' (2) Your body absorbs whatever you put onto your skin so this means that you end up absorbing these toxins, and, with some sources claiming that we expose ourselves to, on average, 130 chemicals a day from skincare products (3) this is definitely a sobering thought.

But if that doesn't convince you to make the switch, consider that they work better than their non-organic counterparts and are kinder on the environment. I mention these two together because they are linked. In order to receive organic certification, ingredients have to be grown and products made holding to impeccably stringent guidelines (4). This is great because it means that the quality of the finished product is much higher and therefore likely to be much more effective than those made with cheap, artificial ingredients. The organic certification also takes into account environmental stewardship hence their production has a lower impact on the world around us. Organic skincare products really are kinder on both the body and the environment. And I promise you, once you've made the switch, you won't go back!


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August 24, 2016

Hi Raw Gaia,
A girlfriend of mine says that she’s been searching the internet for reviews and comments regarding RG products. She could only find them for a few years ago. Is there a place where she can read up todate reviews on line?
Sarah Porter

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