How Superfood Skincare Works

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Since the term was first coined in 1998, the concept of 'superfoods' has done nothing but gain momentum and popularity. Food Matters explains that 'foods tend to earn the qualifier ‘super’ if they have unusually high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, protein, fibre or other nutrients with health-boosting properties'. (1) Blueberries, avocados, chia seeds, quinoa and kale are among some of the most well known superfoods. Although the scientific verdict isn't conclusive, there is increasing anecdotal evidence of their health benefits as well as the argument that superfoods in general are raising people's awareness of what they eat. Martin Kemp, managing director of Naturya (2), agrees and explains that whilst these foods are 'no panacea', he sees the rise of superfoods as 'a zeitgeist movement of people taking responsibility for their own health' (3). Here at Raw Gaia, we have to agree. We are passionate about raw, organic foods and superfoods and believe that nourishing your body by choosing to eat a nutritionally well balanced and healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do.

We also believe in nourishing the skin so have taken the principal of 'you are what you eat' one step further to utilise these nutrients for optimum skin health from the outside in. We are proud to be 'leading the charge' alongside other small batch boutique brands in providing products that reflect our customers 'values and lifestyles....from environmental awareness to a concern for healthy living and holistic wellbeing'. (4) We aim to choose ingredients with proven health benefits such as acai berry which contains omega oils which replenish our skin, blueberries which are full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that speed up ageing and avocado which is a brilliant natural moisturiser as well as containing vitamin A which can help with skin repair. (5).

Dermatologist Brian Zelickson explains that “honey, herbs, and licorices have been used as topical cosmetics and skin care for centuries. So, using food-grade materials in skin care has a good bit of legitimacy to it." (6). And it is this age old wisdom that we want to embrace at Raw Gaia as we create skincare products that are created with the highest quality ingredients and with the minimum amount of processing possible, in order to retain the potent natural nutrients that will help nourish your skin and leave you feeling healthy and well, from the outside in.





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August 30, 2016

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