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Today we are finishing our five week exploration into what we, at Rawgaia, think is the ideal organic skincare routine.

This week, we will be talking about arguably the most luxurious and indulgent step, that of using face packs. But whilst you might just associate face packs with a 'girls night in' and a great way to enforce some stillness in your life, we are here today to tell you how they can also enhance your complexion and do wonders for your skin!

The list of benefits that come with using face packs once or twice a week are endless but one of the best things is how they can be used in a very individual way, depending on the needs of your own skin.

Firstly, you can choose a pack depending on your skin type as different ingredients present will do different things for your skin. For example, clay is known at being incredibly effective at removing excess oil and drawing out contaminants and so clay packs are great for those who suffer with clogged pores or oily skin.

Chocolate face packs however, are absolutely bursting with antioxidants which are great at fighting the free radicals that damage skin cells which means they are particularly good for those with dull, tired or dry skin.

Secondly, you can target the product specifically at problem skin areas as it is easy for you to control exactly where you apply the product and how much you use.

If you have patches of skin that are particularly dry or conversely, oily, you may choose to use the face pack in those areas twice a week and then just do a whole face application once a week. You can apply a thick covering or just lightly put it on, the choice really is yours!

So as well as helping to unclog pores and fight free radicals, what else do face packs offer us?

Packs can help stimulate our blood circulation as the hardening of the product as it dries helps our blood vessels to expand. This can lead to an improvement in skin tone and smoother, firmer skin which is soft to the touch.

They are also an amazing way to moisturise dry skin. Due to the length of time that you leave the packs on, the water in them has a chance to reach the deepest levels of your skin, helping thirsty cells to rehydrate. This leads to them being fuller and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as well as being healthier!

Finally, face packs are amazing for deep cleansing; due to the ingredients used, they can help to draw out dirt and impurities that daily cleaning doesn't always touch, leaving you with clearer, glowing skin.

Here at Rawgaia, we are particularly proud of our Face Packs we have made with a 'Do It Yourself' ethos in mind.

To use them, you simply mix a teaspoon of the product to some warm water and mix until you have a thick smooth cream that you can apply to your face. Then simply leave it for 10 minutes whilst you relax (perhaps with a green smoothie?!) and then gently wash off.

The reasons for making them in this way are threefold.

Firstly, it means that we don't need to add any preservatives to give the product shelf life. We are passionate about skin care products that contain only natural, organic ingredients and we strive to keep out any added ingredients where possible and we know that a lot of you feel the same way!

Secondly, it makes the product customisable as you can mix it to a consistency that you prefer for application.

Finally, we believe it is great value for money as one pot lasts for a very long time.

Face packs are not something you need to use every day but by using them once or twice a week, you can prevent your skin succumbing to oiliness or dryness (depending on what it's historically prone to) and can help rejuvenate it, leaving it looking and feeling simply amazing.

In our busy lives, they are also a great way to inject some self care into your life, twenty minutes where you can simply relax, be still and be at one with yourself.

Face packs really are a special part of your regular skincare routine, good for both the body and soul!



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