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Our latest ritual combines the powers of COSMOS organic hemp to help leave your skin feeling deeply nourished, nurtured, clean, soft and glowing.


Hemp Glow is perfect for combination and oily skin types as well as teen skin thanks to the magical properties of the raw, natural superfood skincare ingredients that we use such as certified organic tea tree, witch hazel, juniper orange and lemon. We don't bother adding any cheap fillers - just pure superfood skincare goodness.


This ritual is certified COSMOS organic with Soil Association certification. It's certified Cruelty Free by Cruelty Free International, which means that we have not tested on animals (we would never do that) and it confirms that our suppliers haven't tested on animals either. Hemp Glow is also certified Vegan by the Vegan Society. 


So whats in the Hemp Glow ritual?


1. Hemp Glow Cleanser, £25 / 50ml



A thick creamy superfood cleansing lotion that can be applied either directly to the face with your hands and washed off or onto a cotton wool pad and then wiped over the face and neck. 


2. Organic Hemp Glow Mist, £22 / 50ml

A beautiful hydra-tonic mist that helps leave the skin feeling both toned and hydrated, at the same time. Shake well first and then either spray directly onto the face and massage in, or spray into your hand and smooth over the face. 


3. (Day) Hemp Glow Serum, £22 / 30ml

A nourishing superfood serum cream that works perfectly under make up or with nude skin. It works hand in hand with our Organic Hemp Glow Mist to help leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated for the day. just pump into the palms of your hands and smooth over the skin.


3. (Night) Organic Hemp Glow Balm, £22 / 30ml 

 A superfood night balm that works it's magic while you sleep! A little goes a very long way with all of our superfood skincare, but especially with this one. Take a small amount and rub in the palms of your hand to melt then smooth over your skin.


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