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Did you know that very few coconut oil / butter products are legitimately 100% Vegan?

Believe it or not but it's common practise to put monkeys on leads / chains round their necks, and send them up to the tops of palm trees to collect the coconuts. 

Here at Rawgaia Superfood Skincare we have a contract with our coconut oil project supplier for peace of mind, to ensure us (and you) that monkeys have not been used to collect the coconuts from the trees.

It happens because it is so much cheaper than humans.

But it's not OK with us.

It makes us shudder to think of the level of animal exploitation and cruelty involved in this process. 

Not to mention the reported living conditions of the monkeys.

So we urge you to please do your research when buying coconut products. 

Because to us, "Vegan" doesn't just mean no animal derived ingredient. 

We are an ethical Vegan company, so it means "no animals have EVER been involved" also.

This is why it's important to look for a certified Vegan Society logo (like we have on every single one of our superfood skincare gems) to be 100% sure that you are getting what you think. 

Talking of Vegan Coconut Butter, we are going to be saying goodbye to our 15ml travel size Raw, Organic Coconut Butters, so we are having a  H U G E  sale!

Grab some now for only £2.50 each, whilst stocks last. The usual price was £8.50.



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