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The last few weeks have been a mixture of winter, spring and summer all rolled into one. Flowers have been springing up in the hedgerows which is beautiful to see but they may have arrived a little too early. It’s confusing for nature and wildlife.

The same can be said for our skin. One minute it’s the cold wind against our face, the next strong sunshine, and then cold again meaning hiding our skin away again in the warmth of heated homes (often centrally heated). This can leave our skin dull, dry and reaching out to us for a bit of pampering.

Now is the perfect time to give our skin some new strength, to prepare our skin and get it ready for the new Spring season.


Here at Rawgaia we love our consciously designed Superfood Skincare Rituals and if you’re feeling like you may have neglected your skin over the winter, now is a great time to start that pampering!

In only a few steps, your skin will feel ready for anything that the Spring and Summer has in store.


1. When starting a brand new beauty routine, the most important part is exfoliation.


Exfoliating your skin 1-2 times per week clears away the dry dead skin cells, accumulated dirt and any other pollutants. It’s also the most wonderful excuse to use our beautiful MSM Beauty DIY Polish Kit.

It is the perfect, natural way of really getting the most out of our skin.

Everything you need is contained within the kit. The best way of using our exfoliating kit is to take a pinch of the Beauty Polish powder and mix it with one pipette squirt of Organic Beauty Serum, in the palm of your hand. Mix together and then rub into both of your hands. You can then apply the mixture in gentle sweeping movements across your face.

Our natural, vegan, superfood exfoliator awakens your skin and the aroma is deeply relaxing. It really is a beautiful combination of ingredients.

After a minute or so, you can remove the mixture with a warm damp cloth, or splashes of water. This exfoliation treatment should ideally be done around once or twice a week or whenever you feel like ‘boosting’ your skin.



2. On days when you are not exfoliating with our MSM Organic Beauty Polish DIY Kit, a cleanser can be used instead, day and night. At this time of year we love the floral tones of our Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Cleanser.



Our gentle yet effective cleansing spray reminds us of lengthening spring and summer days spent in nature, and makes our skin beautifully clean, as well as opening our pores, and helping our skin to breathe.



3. After using our stunning cleanser, it is incredibly important to tone your skin. The perfect accompaniment is our Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Nutrient Mist.



This ensures that your skin is rejuvenated and conditioned, as well as restoring your skin’s natural PH balance, which is essential before you moisturise.

Toning with an alcohol-free mist such as this (all Rawgaia superfood skincare is 100% alcohol-free) also gently helps to shrink your pores, behaving like a little extra layer of protection for our skin.



4. In all seasons, our skin needs deep nutrition and moisturising. The perfect way of getting hydrated and nourished your skin is by using our Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm.



The certified organic ingredients within our rich, nourishing, soothing beauty balm ensures deep hydration. Our handmade, raw, certified organic goji berry extract active ingredients provides a wonderful superfood boost of vitality to your skin.



Making sure that you make time for your skin is vitality important in the changing seasons as we spring forward into spring time. Spending time on your skin by practicing a twice daily Rawgaia Superfood Skincare Ritual, helps you to glow from the outside in, feel wonderful and really gives you the boost to get the skin you've always dreamed of this Spring.

Written By Hannah Birch for Jessica's Rawgaia Superfood Skincare Blog



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