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Hello [fname],

I am so super excited to tell you that we have made the decision to lower the vast majority of our prices!

We have launched a massive price reduction across Rawgaia Superfood Skincare of up to £10 OFF per product, which is a very big and exciting improvement for my conscious, ethical UK based skincare. 

This has been possible due to a dramatic increase in sales, which has required us to increase the quantity of skincare units that we hand make here in the UK. Making the price per product decrease. 

By industry standard, we still make in very small batch sizes (....still by hand as well), however our batch size quantities are now larger than they use to be.  

As a direct result of this I have been able to secure better prices from our ingredient supplier partners. So as a conscious and transparent brand, I have been able to pass savings on to you, our amazing customers, who have always remained at the heart of Rawgaia Superfood Skincare!

I also understand that this price reduction makes us more affordable to you, which is what I always wanted to work towards. To now be within more peoples financial reach puts us in a very strong position for us to be able to solve more of you and your family and friend's skin problems and help get you all glowing with stunning, amazing skin! 

I am genuinely so thrilled that we are gaining so much traction, it really doesn't seem that long ago since Rawgaia Superfood Skincare was operating from my home, whilst I was inventing the new formulations for the 3 key Rituals! My children and I were constantly navigating boxes and everything else that comes from operating a small business! :)

We have come so far thanks to your amazing support! Now we are stocked in Wholefood Market stores, featured many times in Vogue magazine, raved about by top influencers, respected by beauty journalists and top make up artists. Whilst we busily hand make natural skincare behind the scenes and export it all over the world!

So now it's our turn to give back to you! Thank you to everyone that has supported my dreams of creating the most conscious and natural skincare on earth, and making it possible to create it at an even better price for everyone! It's come full circle.

There are already many positive reviews on Rawgaia conscious skincare. Some of these can be found here. I also have many more to add very soon, and if you want to be featured, please just drop me a line!

Lots of love and have an amazing weekend,

Jessica xxx




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