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We want you to be crystal clear about what you can expect from Rawgaia, both our values and our superfood skincare. So we've put together this handy little guide that lays it all out for you.

We describe Rawgaia as a raw, vegan, cruelty-free, conscious, superfood skincare brand.

These words describe us well, so we want to be sure that you know exactly what they mean.

We believe in self empowerment, so understanding the terms that we use can help you to make better informed decisions.

From the insights that we share in this article, we hope you’ll see that Rawgaia is something extra unique and special!

 So let's explore this together...


Raw ingredients are used in their natural state, bringing you all the benefits of high vibrational, rich nutrient content, undiluted goodness.

At Rawgaia, we use raw, unpasteurised ingredients which have not been heat processed, and we believe that this creates a pure, high quality and authentic collection.

We are registered with the Soil Association to COSMOS Organic standards, version 2.0 - which is their highest standard.

So you can trust that our ingredients are exceptional (our Organic Goji Goddess and Hemp Glow ranges are listed on our Trading Schedule).


Vegan friendly cosmetics don’t contain animal ingredients. We are registered with the Vegan Society so that you are aware of our commitment to spreading positive vegan vibes and ethics.

As we are a vegan company, we only bring vegan friendly foods and drinks into the workplace.


Cruelty-free certification (Leaping Bunny) ensures that our skincare has not been tested on animals, and neither have the raw ingredients that we purchase from our suppliers.

We are registered with Cruelty-Free International and these standards are very important to us.


As an environmentally conscious and ethically company, we ensure that no human, animal or part of the planet, suffers in the production and delivery of our skincare.

We are constantly mindful of the environment in our practices. We use glass bottles and jars instead of plastic, and our lids and boxes are all recyclable.

Our most popular products are boxed. The materials are sourced from responsibly managed forestry material, and are fully sustainable. They are printed with vegetable based inks, reducing the need for extra, bulky packaging in transit.

We use environmentally friendly, Soil Association approved cleaning products in the workplace and have a Soil Association approved environmental policy and cleaning schedule.

We hand make our range (excepting two products, which we blend) in small batches, by the ocean in Brighton. We work hard to bring you the most ethical superfood skincare that we can possibly produce.


Superfoods are natural foods that are rich in nutrients and have many benefits for our bodies and of course our skin!

We ply as much superfood goodness into our products as possible, ensuring that you get the best vitamins and minerals possible.

All hand made into ethical, high vibrational, superfood skincare rituals that are bliss to use.


We’re having a little fun with this one.

We all know that skincare refers to products that are designed to care for your skin, but we believe that Rawgaia Superfood Skincare go above and beyond this description.

Bringing you a philosophy, ethos and lifestyle that you can dive right into, and superfood skincare rituals that truly care for you and your skin.

Try our raw, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, conscious superfood skincare today!

You can feel the benefits of raw, vegan, cruelty-free, conscious, superfood skincare when you explore our collections:

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Glow like a GODDESS with Rawgaia.



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