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Here at Jessica Laura Organics Ltd, the mother of Rawgaia, one of the elements of our business that we are most proud of is our commitment to creating beautiful organic skincare products that are 100% vegan and completely cruelty free.

We strongly agree with PETA's assertion that 'animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way' (1).

As a business we are committed to being kind to the world around us and that includes other living beings as well as the environment. All our products are tested on willing human volunteers who love what we do and are happy to help as we tweak our recipes to create the most nurturing and efficient skincare products possible!

In the natural beauty industry, there does seem to be some confusion surrounding the use of beeswax and we wanted to explain our position on this today.

Beeswax is a very popular ingredient when it comes to natural skin care products.

However, as a vegan company, we do not use or condone the use of beeswax in skincare products. Beeswax and honey are essential to the continued survival of bee colonies and we believe that we shouldn't consume or use either.

Most commercial honey farmers replace honey with a sugar substitute upon harvesting the honey from the hives. This 'is significantly worse for the bee's health since it lacks the essential nutrients, fats and vitamins of honey.

The bees then exhaust themselves by working to replace the missing honey.' (2) There are a minority of bee-centric beekeepers who choose only to harvest honey when they judge the colonies to have an excess but the rise in the use of pesticides means that this is happening less and less.

Consequently, beeswax is not an ethical ingredient to use.

Bee-centric keeper, Hilary Kearney, explains that 'if you are opposed to honey then you have to be opposed to beeswax as they are collected hand in hand. You can’t harvest honey without harvesting beeswax. You’re collecting the wax at the same time.' (3)

Bees wax creates a barrier between the nutrients from the other ingredients found in the skincare product and our skin. We want your skin to absorb all of our raw, organic, superfood goodness!

Adding bees wax as a skincare ingredient is done at the detriment of our rapidly declining bee populations and the wider impact that this could have on the rest of the world.

Instead at Rawgaia, we choose to use only environmentally friendly and organic ingredients such as COSMOS Organic certified cacao butter, organic hemp seed oil, MSM, hand pressed essential oils and many other plant-based superfood ingredients.

We choose all components of our products for their beneficial properties for our skin. We are completely free from SLS, parabens and use only what mother earth creates for us.

We are proud to be registered with both The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International (previously known as Leaping Bunny) and absolutely love that more and more companies are realising how unnecessary and unkind animal testing is and are committing to ridding themselves of this out dated practise.

As you can tell, we are passionate about animal rights and hope that this strength of feeling is positively reflected in our gorgeous skincare products that you can use with a clean conscience!


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