Featured Rawgaia Product: Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel

Posted on May 22, 2016 by Alec Michael | 0 comments


We want to tell you about our very special Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel, because it's like no other Aloe Vera Gel we have ever come across. 

How our raw, organic Aloe Vera Gel is made:

The organic aloe vera juice is firstly carefully extracted from the leaf, and then the juice is blended with organic seaweed extract amongst other high quality organic ingredients, that enrich the finished product with even more minerals and over all nutrition. The organic seaweed extract also helps to form a beautiful gel-like consistency, which is silky smooth and very easy to apply to your skin. 


There are many, many uses for our Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel, for example did you know that our Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel is one of the best 100% pure and natural shaving gels ever! For men and women a like. Customers tell us it is helpful for taking the itch out of an insect bite and for soothing the skin after exposure to the sun. We even know guys than use our Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel as hair gel... The list is endless. Let us know how you like to use it.

Mini Pots:

We have 15ml mini Organic Aloe Vera Gel pots too, which are great for carrying around in your handbag, make up bag, keeping in the car or for general travel.

The feedback on our unique Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gelcontinues to be very positive indeed.

Available in 120ml and 15ml green pots of magic  ;)

Our natural beauty top tip:

Here at Raw Gaia, we like to apply it to the face once one of our chosen natural Face Packs has been brushed onto the skin and it is activating.

We then wash off the face pack and aloe vera gel together in one go. Our skin has never felt so smooth and nourished!

Stay in touch:

Why not give it go and let us know what you think?  



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