THE LATEST SKINCARE CRAZE: Why should YOU try Oil Cleansing...

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Organic Beauty Cleansing Oil with MSM, £32.50
Using a 100% oil based cleanser is a new concept to many.  

But for generations, oil cleansing has been how entire communities effectively cleanse their skin. It's a way of cleansing that has long been practised throughout history, along with other oil hygiene practises such as “Oil Pulling” whereby the person holds an oil such as raw coconut oil in their mouth for a period of time to literally “pull’ out impurities, bacteria and debris.

Most cleansers on the market are thick, creamy water and oil-based formulations that have been emulsified with some type of plant or animal wax. 

Here at Raw Gaia we like to combine the art of ancient plant magic with historical practises. We enjoy going back to basics without compromising on effectiveness or quality in any way.  

Why is Oil Cleansing so Effective?

Oil Cleansing is so effective for so many different reasons.

Oil molecules are able to sink deep into the skin to tackle deep-set dirt, grime, pollution and make up. Oil is a great way to break down fatty deposits, stubborn dirt and even waterproof mascara. Oil works hard on all types of dirt and debris, and is successful at removing it without dragging and pulling the skin too much.

If your skin is normal, dry or combinational, the extra hydration will leave it feeling glowing, youthful and hydrated.

Oily skin and Oil Cleansing

If your skin is oily, no need to fear because oil can actually do it some good!

Most people with oily skin run for the hills at the thought of applying an oil, but in actual fact oil can help to stop the over production of sebum which is often the cause of oily skin.

The trick is to ensure that the Oil Cleanser has been washed off thoroughly with warm water with a good quality face cloth (organic cotton or bamboo cloths are ideal.)

How to cleanse with an oil

We recommend applying a liberal amount of oil. If you are using our 50ml Organic Beauty Cleansing Oil with MSM we have a clever white pipette closure which you squeeze firmly and it measures out exactly one application of oil. So basically enough oil to cleanse one face. This is possibly the most hygienic way of oil cleansing. Squirt the oil from the pipette into the palms of your hands and then rub together to gently warm the oil. Sweep the oil over your face and neck in light circular movements, take this opportunity to massage your face in circular upward movements. Leave the oil on your skin for 1-10 mins (great time to brush your teeth) and then remove with a warm, wet face cloth.

For removing eye make up

Take a cotton wool pad and wet it with warm water. Squeeze out any excess water (this is very important to stop product and make up for ending up in your eye) add a pipette of Organic Beauty Cleansing Oil with MSM and then gently press on the eye area and sweep outwards towards your ear. Repeat until all eye make up is removed. You may need to use a separate pad. 

More about our Organic Beauty Cleansing Oil with MSM

We combine the highest quality cold pressed, organic oils that are known for their high nutritional profile. Avocado oil, hemp seed oil, broccoli seed oil, baobab seed oil and chia seed oil are just a few of the Superfood oils that we use in this beautiful Oil Cleanser, which leaves your skin feeling nourished, hydrated, healthy vibrant and glowing with youth.

Click here to find out more about our bestselling superfood skincare Oil Cleanser; Organic Beauty Cleansing Oil with MSM, 50ml / £32.50, 10ml Mini / £9.70.





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