Why should YOU use a Face Toner?

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I get asked this a lot, so here are my answers to this FAQ...

We live in a society that wants everything yesterday, where time is incredibly precious. We want quick fixes and instant results. Sound familiar? ;)

It's obvious to most of us why we need to cleanse and even moisturise the skin, because if we don't, for many people, there is a direct consequence (blocked pores, spots and dry, dull-looking skin).

But toning doesn't have such an obvious draw back, and I think this one of the main reasons why most people skip this important skincare ritual secret of mine...

The science bit

When we cleanse the skin we actually alter it's PH.

PH stands for "potential of hydrogen"—which is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a substance. The scale, which was devised by a clever Danish chemist in the early 1900s, ranges from 0, which is the most highly acidic (think battery acid!), to 14, which is the most alkaline (think drain cleaner!) Seven, which happens to be the pH of water, is neutral.

So it's really important that after we cleanse we encourage the skin to settle back at around PH 5.5, and this is where misting your face after cleansing with either my MSM Beauty Toner or Floral Face Toner really helps. 

Toning creates the right skin condition for moisturising 

When the skin is slightly damp this is the best time for a raw moisturiser to be applied. This is because the skin accepts the moisturiser better in this state. My raw moisturisers are wax-free meaning that they are also water-free. So this organic floral water spritz helps to activate the moisturiser as it provides a fresh, damp condition and the perfect amount of 'dew' to begin the moisturising process. 

A little daily trick I use....

if I want my raw moisturiser to be absorbed by my skin in record time (usually because I'm in a rush to quickly apply some make-up before dashing out the front door for the school run!) then I also spray some toner over my face AFTER I have moisturised too. This helps the moisturiser to 'drink up' any excess oil, super fast. Plus I just love the smell...

A bit about my toners

In line with the Raw Gaia by Jessica ethos, I don't formulate any products with alcohol, chemicals or unnatural preservatives. Nature is pretty dam clever and gives us all that we need. Therefore in my opinion it's completely unnecessary to use toners and other skincare products that aren't organic, and 100% derived from mother nature herself.

Raw is pure ;)

Love from

Jessica x




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Liz Whitbourn
Liz Whitbourn

August 15, 2015

Can your floral waters be used as a toner? x

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