Cold Pressed, Organic Beauty Sprays & Glow Sprays

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Margaret Michael | 0 comments

I'm a huge fan of convenience. So when I'm out and about and notice my skin feels a bit tight and dry, I want an instant solution!

That's why I invented the Hemp Heaven Glow Spray and we also have the very popular MSM Beauty Spray. They are on the go skin sparklers that  give your skin a dewy, healthy glow whenever you want. 

What are your Beauty Sprays and Glow Sprays??!

They are a special combination of organic floral water, organic cold pressed oils, organic essential oils and MSM Crystals. When blended together they make the purest light moisturiser possible. They provide freshness, moisture, better tone and a revitalised glow to the skin. They also retract the light in photographs giving you a smoother, clearer looking completion. Hence why they are SO popular with make up artists and celebrities that are in front of the camera a lot.  

Beauty and Glow Sprays are also great for oily and normal skin types as they provide hydration, but don't completely saturate your skin. They are perfect as a day time moisturiser for normal and oily skin types.

The MSM Beauty Spray and Hemp Heaven Glow Spray work incredibly well on very dry skin too when combined with your favourate Raw Moisturiser, as they work together to deeply hydrate and lock in the moisture. They are great on the go moisture top ups.

They are the perfect 2-in1 product, making them ideal to travel with. They can be adapted to be used as a cleanser AND moisturiser!!

Their  handy, handbag size 10ml and 50ml votes means that they are very portable and fit beautifully into your make up beg.


Give the bottle a really good shake before each and every use to really combine the cold pressed oils and floral waters, then either spray directly onto your face and massage in. Or alternatively you can spray into the palms of your hands and massage or pat over your face. 

Cleanser - Spray onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over the face to remove dirt and make up!


If you keep them in the fridge overnight during the summer, they make the best cooling face spray ever!!

Love from,

Jessica x



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