Get Ready for SUMMER, Naturally! (Part 1)

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Jessica Michael | 0 comments

UK summer-time is almost here and the big question on everyone's lips is; How can we prepare our skin NATURALLY for hot weather?

I'm going to share my top tips to help get your skin ready for a great summer. It's important that we really look after our skin in hotter climates, and we can do this as naturally and organically as possible if we just know how.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to help you get ready for the sun. But to start you off, here's what you could be doing right now to help get your skin prepared for your summer holidays....

  • Start with your feet

 A week before you want to bare your feet, get slathering on our Raw, Organic Shea Butter! I find that the best time to do this is at bed time. Keep a jar at the side of your bed and literally slather it all over your feet working it into your heels and toes, no need to massage it in completely, as you want your skin to 'drink it up at intervals' throughout the night. You will notice that dry skin is dramatically reduced by the morning. If you do this for a few nights in a row, you can see an incredible difference. The bit I love the most is that when I get out of bed in the morning, the skin on the soles of my feet is so soft, it actually feels like I'm walking on clouds!  


  • Get seriously luscious hair 

Apply Raw, Organic Argan Oil or Raw, Organic Coconut Body Butter to your hair by once or twice a week doing my Hair Pack... Slather a generous amount of either product into dry hair (washed or unwashed is fine) and leave over night. In the morning, apply shampoo (no water just yet) massage the shampoo into the hair and then rinse out with warm water. Then shampoo one more time as usual. Most hair types then won't need a conditioner as your hair will be incredibly hydrated and full of shine.



 You could try using our Wildcrafted Shikakai Hair Wash for an extra natural shine. CHECK OUT my instruction video on how to to apply our popular Shikakai Hair Wash....


Keep an eye out for GET READY FOR SUMMER (PART 2) For more of my top natural skincare tips for surviving hot weather......

Love from

Jessica x



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