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You've used your current moisturiser for ages and it's OK, and pretty much doing the job, here's why you should consider upgrading to a raw, organic, cruelty-free, natural superfood moisturiser...

  1. A little goes a VERY long way!

Did you know that one of our 50ml moisturisers could easily last you 4-6 months with twice-daily use? This makes our bestselling Raw, Organic MSM Beauty Cream cost less than 13p per application to use! Now that is value for money.

  1. Our moisturisers are jars of Superfood skincare magic!

Well firstly just to clarify, our pots of moisturising magic contain 0% water and 100% high quality skinfood goodness. They are hand manufactured in small batches in Brighton UK at our workshop that overlooks the beautiful ocean. Our moisturisers are a blend of organic raw cacao butter, organic cold pressed oils, organic essential oils and vitamin e. They are simple, easy to use, effective, high quality and very good value for money.

  1. We pack the nourishment in

Traditionally moisturisers are made by taking a very small amount of heated oil and emulsifying wax (bees wax or a plant wax) and a very large amount of purified water. Everything is then blended together at high speed. The end result is a medium velocity moisturiser. This is pretty much what skincare company’s sell to their customers. During my time as the product formulator for Rawgaia Superfood Skincare I have identified some issues with manufacturing moisturisers in this way.

One of the main problems with this manufacturing method is that the skin needs to be nourished in order for it to look and feel it’s absolute best. For this to happen effectively there must not be a barrier between the nutrients in the product and your skin. Emulsifying waxes create a barrier, which therefore limits the skin’s ability to “drink in” the nourishment from the natural, high quality, organic ingredients.

  1. We use organic floral waters

If a moisturiser is made from 90% water (which is the case if an emulsifying wax is being used) your skin wont be getting much overall nourishment from the product.

 We don’t use water in any of our moisturising balms and in our organic beauty sprays we use a bend of high quality organic activated floral waters along with the cold pressed oils – never just plain water.

  1. We only use Superfood Skincare ingredients

At Rawgaia Superfood Skincare we are hugely passionate about natural, unrefined, cold-pressed / cold-milled ingredients. We don’t use any cheap fillers like plain water or chemically derived additives for example. We want your skin to come into contact with the plants that Mother Nature has to offer; because we strongly believe that these Superfood skincare ingredients are what helps give you that goddess-like glow.

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