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It seems that we've come full circle when it comes to choosing what to consume and use in order to keep our bodies looking and feeling good.

Historically, our ancestors discovered which plants were safe to eat, had therapeutic benefits and were useful to improve our appearance but by the twentieth century we started to rely heavily on man-made substances, choosing to use products with an endless list of ingredients that we couldn't pronounce and eating heavily processed, 'convenient' pre-prepared foods.

However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of plant based and natural products both for eating and using topically.

Here at Rawgaia, we are happy to say that since our beginning we have embraced the power of plants to make our organic raw superfood skincare products. But why exactly do plants help us look and feel better and why are they the better option above man-made alternatives?

For starters, our bodies have evolved to consume and digest vegetables. They were the most readily thing available for our ancestors to eat (alongside nuts and fruits) and they soon learnt which were nutritionally beneficial.

Vegetables and fruits are packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by our bodies and are needed in order to function at our optimum capacity.

Processed or chemically made alternatives often are harder for our bodies to digest and don't offer the same level of absorption. In addition, a lot of manufactured food products contain added processed sugar which offers an increased risk of a host of health issues from diabetes to obesity and high blood pressure.

When it comes to our skin and plants there are two main issues to consider. The first is that many ingredients that are beneficial to our skin are found naturally in plants and are easily harnessed for use in skincare products.

In the light of this, it would seem pointless to spend time and energy trying to replicate something in a laboratory that would be of a lesser quality. You only need to read our 'Superfood in the Spotlight' series to discover how many amazing benefits plant based ingredients have, from Vitamin A (great for the creation of new skin cells), naturally occurring fatty acids (amazing for moisturisers) and Vitamins C and E (antioxidants key to reducing inflammation and fighting free radicals). 

The second issue is that the cosmetic industry is not regulated by the same rules that apply to the food industry.

Consequently, a lot of the chemicals used to make skincare products are untested, meaning that we don't know how they may affect the human body as the chemicals are absorbed into our skin.

An article from Harvard's Public School of Health succinctly states that:

'While people may assume these products are safe, their chemical ingredients are mostly untested and largely unregulated, with even known carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals still found in some formulations. What’s more, ingredient labels can be misleading, leaving even the savviest consumers in the dark about the safety of the products they use every day.' (1)

Here at Rawgaia, we don't want to compromise the safety of our customers and therefore are committed to making skincare products using only natural and organic ingredients, guaranteed to be safe and nurturing for our skin.

We believe that using plants is the best way to keep our bodies looking and feeling beautiful and luckily, these days we're in good company! So ditch the processed foods and chemical filled creams and embrace plant-based food and skincare products in order to keep yourself nourished and glowing, both inside and out.




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