Your Raw Gaia By Jessica Skincare Ritual....

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.....Get ready for stunning skin!

So we all know that we should wash our faces morning and night,right? But what else can we do to achieve nourished, hydrated, youthful looking skin that glows with radiance?


In this blog post, I'm going to show you my weekly raw skincare ritual for the best looking skin ever....

1. Cleanse

Washing your face is not the same as a proper 'cleanse.' It's really important that we don't strip the skin of essential oils, so harsh, chemical based cleaners should be avoided. We want to be adding nourishment to the skin whilst we gently extract dirt, grime and toxins. Your face should feel soft and hydrated after a cleanser, not tight or stretched.

For a nourishing, hydrating gentle yet affective cleanse try out our cleaners here.

2. Tone

This is one of the easiest steps to skip, but you really should include it in your beauty regime. Cleansing the skin alters it's PH, so toning the skin afterwards helps to  bring it back to normal. Also, providing a beautifully scented spitz to the face before applying your moisturiser helps to prepare the skin for absorbing oil, which helps your moisturiser to sink in a little faster.... Great if you're in a rush!

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TOP TIP: Once you've applied your moisturiser, spray a little toner over the top and watch your skin 'drink' in the moisture.

3. Moisturise

When you're tired it's pretty easy to want to forget this important step, but it's really worth moisturising your face and neck both morning and night. Skin that had not been regularly moisturised can quickly start to appear dull and lifeless. This is also true for oily skin types too. It's about choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type. This is where the MSM Beauty Spray and Hemp Heaven Glow Spray really come in handy for skin types that need only a little hydration. Whilst our jars of raw moisturiser work beautifully as either a night cream, or for skin that needs some more intense hydration. Either way, when your skin has that stunning dewey look the compliments will start rolling in!

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4. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin effectively removes the dead skin cells that sit in the surface of the skin and again can make it look dull. In cases of oily skin which produces more sebum (oil) the pores can then get blocked, which can cause a break out of spots and black heads. If you want your skin to sparkle, exfoliating a few times a week is the secret.

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5. Face Pack

Applying your favourite face pack at least once per week is the key for helping your skin to draw out the impurities. Due to the polluted world that we live in, it has become even more essential to assist the skin in this detoxification process. If you live in a busy town or city then applying a face pack at least twice per week is strongly recommended. Skin looks fresh, even and smooth when it's carrying less grime.

Our natural face packs come as a powder to stop the need for any preservatives. You just need to mix one teaspoon of powder with around 3 tea spoons of warm water using a paint brush in a small bowl. Then paint onto the face and neck (avoiding the eye area completely). Remove after 10-15 minutes with a warm flannel or muslin cloth.

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Get the professionals in....

For a professional raw, organic facial be sure to check out our Organic Facialists. One facial every 4-6 weeks as part of your ongoing natural beauty regime will be well worth it in the long run. Our Organic Facialists offer a range of organic facial treatments to suit your skin needs and budget. Our organic facials are an experience that shouldn't be missed! They also make a beautiful gift for someone special.



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