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Here at Rawgaia Superfood Skincare we are passionate about organic living; we consciously chose to become registered to COSMOS Organic standards with Soil Association certification back in 2016. Which is the highest standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

Due to our love for all things organic, we were thrilled to have been asked to collaborate with GO Organic! Festival, happening in London on the 8th and 9th September.

So in conjunction with Go Organic Festival, we invite you to step behind the scenes a little with Rawgaia, to learn a little more about what we do to live up to our COSMOS Organic certification.

We feel that manufacturing high quality, raw, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, consciously made superfood skincare is what we do best!

We are devoted to transparency. So when it comes to our pure, raw, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, superfood skincare, we are proud of the lengths we go to, to bring you what we consider to be; the most consciously made skincare in the world. 

COSMOS certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, are better for the environment and protect wildlife for future generations to come. 

To be organically certified to COSMOS Organic standards means that we take some very important extra steps that set us apart from the general organic claims that are often seen in the world of cosmetics: 

  • We ensure that the ingredients we use are subject to rigorous purity and quality checks. This means that we can only purchase our ingredients from approved suppliers. In addition to this we are also Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International certified too, so our ingredients must meet the threshold for these standards too. 
  • We ask the Soil Association to approve all of our packaging, including our glass bottles and jars, closures, boxes etc, before we use them. They mainly check for environmental consciousness and sustainability. All of our packaging is fully recyclable and the protection boxes that we use are printed on responsibly managed forestry card. The ink that we print with is vegetable based.  
  • We ask the Soil Association to approve all of the cleaning products that we use when cleaning to our thorough cleaning schedule. Our cleaning products are Cruelty-Free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. In fact our cleaning schedule is also approved by the Soil Association too.
  • We have an Environmental Policy that we have designed to ensure that we are responsibly dealing with any waste that is created; this is also approved and signed off by the Soil Association.
  • Our skincare has full traceability. Each individual ingredient can be sourced all the way back to its original origin.
  • We are 100% honest with you. Instead of just making a general claim that our products are “organic” we go way beyond this. We have calculated the exact ‘organic of total’ for each of our newly branded superfood skincare products, so you can see the level of certified organic ingredients used. We always use organic where available, so our percentages are very high and usually over 95%.
  • To make it crystal clear to you, if one of our products contains below 95% certified organic ingredients, we will not use the word “organic” in it’s title. By law you can call a product “organic” as long as it contains over 2% organic ingredients. But we want to help set the standard higher than this, so we are working hard in the hope of positive change coming in on this legislation, even if this effects our sales results.
  • We display each individual ingredient (known as the INCI) on both the outer packaging and the glass where possible. We then clearly mark all certified organic ingredients used, so you can see what is organic. 
  • Of any ingredients that are not marked as certified organic, it is because an organic option is not currently available. However this ingredient has been carefully checked by the Soil Association and approved by them before we use it.

We hope from this post that you can see how hard we have been working behind the scenes here at Rawgaia over the years to help bring organic skincare of a new generation to you. 

If you also want to help the world change to a brighter and more organic place, then please support our friends at GO Organic! and check out their festival happening on 8th and 9th September in London.

Be sure to enter our GO Organic Festival Facebook competition to be in with a chance of winning a family ticket worth £85! The winner will be announced very soon so don't delay!



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