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Travelling to tropical places can often mean a long journey, so its important to be prepared to help you enjoy all of your trip, ensuring you feel completely revived once you reach your amazing destination.


1. Preparing for your flight is unquestionably important. Do you have any special requirements for meals? Are you vegan? Gluten free? Ensure that you book your meal choices ahead of time if you can. This does differ between airlines but you can either book your food when booking your tickets or afterwards, by contacting them directly. We’re loving seeing more airlines becoming ethically aware.

2. So maybe, the aeroplane meal wasn’t quite as you expected or perhaps you need some extra snacks for the transfer journey. Snacks that are low in sugar are perfect options. Oat bars, kale chips and small bags of nuts will satisfy your appetite and keep you energised throughout.

3. If you’re planning on taking any electronic devices with you,  make sure they are fully charged. Try and do this before you leave home, but if you’re running out of time, most airports offer charging docks to make sure you’re fully topped up. Those online documents can always be close at hand and it keeps your mind relaxed.

4. Perhaps there’s a special book you’ve been meaning to read? Life demands sometimes carry us away so a flight is the perfect time to indulge in some me time, so cast your eyes over some meaningful words.

5. Cosy up! Wherever you’re travelling to and whether it's a 10 hour or a 20 hour flight, it's likely you’ll want to get some rest at some point. A large scarf or shawl is ideal to cover you up and a breathable fabric like hemp or bamboo is perfect to double up as a sarong or to protect your shoulders from the sun once you reach your destination.

6. In flight skin can sometimes be an issue but there are ways that you can feel fresh whilst on that special flight. There really is superfood for your skin with our Certified COSMOS Organic Goji Goddess Nutrient Mist. It makes a fabulous in-flight face freshener and our Certified COSMOS Organic Hemp Glow Mist is great as a 2-in-1 cleanser and then a moisturiser. Used together, these wonderful superfood skincare gems can work as a mini, flight-friendly, cleanse - tone - moisturise ritual and you will end the flight feeling utterly refreshed. Bliss.


7. We’re hoping that you’ve chosen somewhere where there is an abundance of fruit! So be sure to visit the nearest market as soon as you can to take advantage of what there is on offer. If you’re staying in hotels, it might be handy to take a chopping board and knife (with a cover and well protected) in your checked in baggage. If you have a hotel room with a fridge, then you can make beautiful, nutrient rich, fresh fruit salads any time you wish and store those amazing fruit market purchases.


8. When you reach your destination, hydrate as soon as you can with water, coconut water, or juicy watermelons to keep your body energised and fresh, so you can experience all that there is to offer.

Wherever you are travelling to this summer, we at Rawgaia hope you have a relaxing, enlightening experience, and your body and mind stay vibrant whilst glowing inside and out.



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