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Holiday season is almost upon us and whilst you might be planning your holiday activities,  accommodation and what to take, have you considered your holiday skincare routine?

We all know that the sun's vitamin D is important for our bodies but being exposed to a lot of sun also carries a degree of risk for our skin.

Overexposure to strong sun can dehydrate your skin, increase the signs of ageing and on a more serious health note, can increase your risk of skin cancer.

Often, we are diligent at putting on sun protection at the start of the day but forget to reapply it and once we've been in and out of the pool or the sea a few times it's as good as useless in protecting our skin.

Add to this the potential of a poorer diet than whilst at home, along with increased alcohol consumption and the combination could wreak havoc on your skin.

So this year as your prepare for your holiday, why not make a mental note to follow a specific holiday skincare routine in order to make sure that your holiday isn't too harsh on your skin!

Here at Rawgaia we think that there are three simple things you can do in order to keep your skin healthy and glowing whilst soaking up the sun.

The first thing to do is to stay hydrated.

We are often pretty lax at drinking enough water even when at home but on holiday it's even more important to make sure we drink a lot, and not just caffeinated or alcoholic drinks!

Water is essential in keeping our skin hydrated. Our skin cells are just like any other skins in our body in that they are made up of water and need it to to function at their optimum capacity.

If we deprive our skin of water it will become dry and flaky and as it does, will become more prone to the signs of ageing as our skin cells are not full and plump as they should be.

Secondly, we need to cover up when the sun is at it's strongest. Whether you apply liberal amounts of sun protection lotion or simply don a large hat, sunglasses and kaftan, it is essential that we protect our skin when it is at most risk of skin damage through sunburn and UV rays.

When you're on holiday it's easy to try and stay on the move all day long, fitting in as much as you can but often you return home more tired than when you started.

Use this time of the day as an excuse to retreat to a shady spot with a good book to read and relax and recuperate ready for your evening activities, whilst simultaneously protecting your skin.


Make sure you moisturise at least twice a day. Not only will your skin be losing additional moisture if you're holidaying somewhere hot but if you indulge in a tipple or too, your skin will also suffer as alcohol has a tendency to cause dehydration.

Give your skin a helping hand in replacing the moisture it's lost by using a good moisturiser at the beginning and end of the day. Check out our collection of raw, organic, vegan, cruelty-free moisturisers that should do the trick.

So wherever you're travelling to this summer, have a great time relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones, but don't forget to give your skin a little love whilst you're away as well.

Simply hydrate, cover up and moisturise and you'll ensure your skin stays healthy and happy in the sun.

Happy holidays everyone!



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