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When it comes to making decisions as a consumer, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. The reputation of the company, the benefits of one particular product over another and most importantly for a lot of us, the price!

But there is another side of shopping and here at Rawgaia, we’ve noticed an increase in customers over the last few years who are increasingly concerned with what we call the ‘soft’ side of retail therapy, choosing products that are ethically made, kind to the environment and kind to animals.

So today we thought we'd have a bit of a deeper look at some of our credentials that appeal to those shopping from their heart.

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Rawgaia, is our registration to COSMOS Organic Standards with the famous Soil Association certification.

For a long time, there was no international standard in the beauty industry for consumers to look to, to ensure that the products labelled as organic, really were organic.

We are committed to creating food for your skin that is jam packed with organic, natural ingredients with no added nasties which is why we registered with COSMOS. We are so glad that we now have the extra reassurance for our customers so that when they buy our products, they know that they truly are buying organic products.

For a thorough guide on what the Standards require, head over to their site here for a little light reading!

As well as this certification, we have also been recognised by and registered with Cruelty Free International (the Leaping Bunny logo) and the Vegan Society.

We firmly believe that animals have absolutely no place in the making of beauty products and never have and never will be using them in any part of the process. We ask all our suppliers to legally confirm that our raw ingredients haven't been tested on animals.

We don't ask other companies to test on our behalf and all our products are vegan with absolutely no animal derived ingredients. Our products are simply tested on willing human volunteers, which makes sense given that we are making them for people!

Finally, we want to make sure that our business is kind on the environment which is one of the reasons why we lovingly hand-make our products in small batches here in Brighton on the south coast.

In addition to this reducing the impact on the environment by reducing transportation and avoiding carbon emissions related to factory production, it also ensures that the quality of each and every one of products is incredibly high and checked by a real person before going on sale.

We use locally produced ingredients wherever possible, our glass bottles and jars are recyclable and if we use packaging chips in your order they are 100% biodegradable and can be added to your compost heap! Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company and we are proud of our progress in this area.

Here at Rawgaia we are passionate about shopping from your heart, not just your wallet.

So if you're looking for a company that is kind to the environment, to people and to animals in addition to making exceptionally gorgeous products designed to nourish your skin, then look no further!

We look beyond the immediate retail experience and want to make sure that our wider impact is nothing but positive.

Happy shopping! 




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