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You probably already know that here at rawgaia we love using a range of superfood ingredients in our organic, raw, skincare products. We are passionate about nourishing your body from the outside in and believe that by using powerful superfoods in our products, we can help your skin absorb a plethora of valuable nutrients and vitamins, to make your whole self feel better. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look at some of the ingredients we use over the next few weeks. We’ll look at exactly what these superfoods are, the benefits that they offer and identify why we use them in our products.


And today we’ll be shining the spotlight on Organic Broccoli Seed Oil! We use this fantastic superfood primarily in our MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum and use the cold pressed method to turn our broccoli seeds into oil as this avoids damaging the seeds by using heat to process them. But why are the seeds of this popular vegetable so good for your skin?


Broccoli seeds are unique in that they have a fatty acid profile that has amazing absorption properties, meaning that products with it in absorb incredibly well without leaving a greasy residue on the skin. (1) This profile is 80-85% polyunsaturated fatty acids and includes erucic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acids. Around half of that is erucic acid (an omega-9 acid) whose antioxidant profile means that it imparts a luscious sheen to your hair and skin (2). What this means is that broccoli seed oil is a brilliant alternative to silicon based products, providing a natural biodegrable choice unlike silicones that have a tendency to clog your pores (3).


As well as it’s silicone-like properties, broccoli seed oil is absolutely jam packed with vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene. We’ve spoken about the importance of vitamin A for good skin health before but just to recap, vitamin A (also known as retinol) is incredibly useful in helping with our skin cell production and removal of old, dead skin cells. ‘Additionally, linoleic acid promotes ceramide synthesis, thus contributing to regenerative processes in the skin’ (2). All this adds up to mean that anything containing natural vitamin A can be a great aid in preventing premature aging of our skin. Vitamin A, alongside C and E are also great antixoidants and can also reduce inflammation that our skin might suffer from as a result of damage or acne.


Dr Dickinson, a scientist based in the US, has been conducting research focusing on how sulforaphane (which is found in broccoli), ‘a naturally occurring compound with established chemopreventive properties’ might be able to potentially reduce the risk of skin cancer. Her work is novel in that it recommends topical application of broccoli rather than just ingesting it. Her research has shown that ‘sulforphane is a highly adaptable, highly effective agent when it comes to inhibiting cancer-causing pathways (such as the AP-1 protein), while activating chemoprotective genes (such as the Nrf2 gene).’ (4) This makes very interesting research, however we also suggest seeking "qualified medical advice" should you have any symptoms that concern you.


You can see why choosing to use Organic Broccoli Seed Oil in our MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum was an easy choice to make when I invented this oil based superfood cleanser. A natural, organic alternative to silicon that absorbs incredibly well, helps fight ageing and keeps your skin healthy... Amazing, and a valuable superfood skincare ingredient.









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