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As a therapist I encourage the practice of using our senses to help us stay embodied. Smell, touch, vision, taste and sound, all help balance our outer world with our inner world.

Be in the present moment, what colours can you see, what can you taste, feel the texture of the clothes on your body, the weight of your jewellery on your skin, the pressure of your feet on the floor.
What sounds can you hear around you, what can you smell and of course remember to breathe.
If you are stressed, take a moment to stop and breathe noticing your breath coming in then, notice your breath going out, doing this for three breaths in a row will help even the most stressful situation! 
Rawgaia Superfood Skincare products are really good to incorporate into a routine to help with embodiment because of their smell, the way the products feel on your skin, even the colours of the jars and bottles help.
The sound of the facial sprays and the feel and the smell of the products as you use them all help with embodiment, especially when you have breakfast to make and a school run to get on with.
Louise Magee is an integrative therapist specialising in embodiment based in Brighton. She can be contacted through Passion For Life Counselling. 



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