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So what's a skincare ritual?
A skincare ritual is a routine you do morning and night to nurture, love and care for your skin. It's a great act of self love and care and is also a brilliant time in your day to combine with other wellbeing activities such as mindfulness practices and positive affirmations. Or, just combine with other personal care activities such as simply brushing your teeth whilst you let the organic superfood nourishment sink into your beautiful skin. 
As a self confessed superfood skincare junkie, here are my top 5 tips on how to get your own ritual established...  


Set up your skincare products in your favourite place

Choose a location near natural sunlight by a nice big mirror. I had a place where I liked to be in my bedroom, I had lots of natural day light, a big mirror yet I had nowhere to neatly keep my products, so I had some floating shelving put up especially for my rawgaia products! I've created a space that works for me and it feels good to be taking time out and caring for my skin in this place. When I stay away from home and I'm not in my usual set up I do notice a difference, as I'm not as 'in my flow.'

Get everything ready 

Cotton wool pads, clean muslin cloths, it really helps to have everything you need for your ritual sitting right next to your products. If you have to open a cupboard or pull out a draw over the other side of the room, then this can put you off doing your regime or lead you to believe you "haven't got time." Keep everything together right where you need it, in the most organised way as possible.

Make sure you have enough

We've all been there, scrapping out the last trace of moisturiser, leaving the cleanser to stand upside down to get out the last drops because we haven't got round to getting more  :)  Take the time to stock up on what you need to make your skincare ritual a true success. We do some great offers where you get a better price for buying two or three of the same product at a time. Then you have one to use now and another you can put away until the first one runs out. Some customers tell me that as soon as they start using the second product, they re-order at that point to make sure they never run out!

Make sure you are using the right products for you 

You have to LOVE what you are using, if you adore a certain scent or product and are excited to use it then this will help massively with you skincare ritual success. So use your bodies own intuition too to see what you might be drawn to. If you are at all unsure then just drop us a line. We are always happy to help and give you some suggestions on what might work best for you.


Try out one of our superfood skincare rituals for 30 days and notice the difference! Take a picture of your skin before you start using the products and then after 30 days. Analyse your skin before and after and notice the differences. We have many customers that have told us their skin felt softer, smoother and more radiant after the first day of using rawgaia superfood skincare products! We find customers tell us that they use way less make up, their skin looks a lot more youthful and vibrant and that their face feels much softer to the touch. To document this and see the magic working for yourself will be one of the best motivations EVER to carry on loving and caring for your beautiful skin. You have to commit to following the ritual twice a day for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, be sure to tag us on social media (handles at the bottom of this article) with your rawgaia ritual before and after images, along with a description of what products you used and the differences you noticed after the 30 days. We'll then send you a free gift with your next purchase!*

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