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Since the moment that rawgaia came into being, we haven't been afraid to buck the trend. By choosing to create products that are organic, cruelty free and as natural as possible, we stick out from some of the more traditional skincare companies around. We don't mind this in the slightest, we are passionate about our vision and truly believe in the way we source our ingredients and make our products. So it has come as a pleasant surprise to find that these days, we are in very good company with our ethos. Over the last twelve months, 'Clean Beauty' has been a phrase uttered more and more and it is set to be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2017.

Simply put, Clean Beauty is the philosophy of using very simple, natural and organic ingredients on your skin. As you can imagine, here at rawgaia, we are all cheering this trend fits us perfectly! But where has it come from? Although sites like thecleanbeautyblog have been around for several years now (and in fact, featured our MSM beauty cream in a post back in 2011)(1), in the mainstream beauty world, the concept has only come to the forefront recently. Mostly, it is probably a logical progression of the clean food movement. If you are committing to eating healthier foods with less toxins, it makes sense that you aren't then going to continue to use chemical filled products on your skin.

 The ease of spreading and discovering information through the internet probably also has a part to play. In the past, people simply didn't know what was in their beauty products but now, thanks to our connected world, we are able to research and find out. The Glam Organic Goddess claims that 'the average woman slathers, lathers, scrubs, rubs + sprays over 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body each day' (2). Although we don't yet know the full consequences of absorbing so many chemicals into our skin, she points out that it is worth remembering two important points. Firstly, that the beauty industry is unregulated and has very few restrictions on what they put into their products and secondly, that whatever harmful chemicals we put onto our skin have the potential to be absorbed transdermally into our body.

 This is quite a sobering thought but the great news is that there is another option, clean beauty products; those that are created with certified organic, natural ingredients by ethical companies, who are committed to healthy and happy skin. And now that more people are realising this, it's no wonder that Healthy Magazine have dubbed 2017 the year of 'Green in 17' when it comes to beauty! (3). Even upmarket Vogue have acknowledged 'clean skin' and the bare-faced look as a beauty trend currently enjoying a resurgence (4). So here at Raw Gaia we are thrilled to be in good company and at the heart of the Clean Beauty Trend. Here's hoping it's not a passing fad and that Clean Beauty is here to stay!







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